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Welcome to Tudo Sobre Animais (Everything About Animals)!

We seek to present quality facts and information about the animal world. Here you will have access to materials about all kinds of animals that can be found in Brazil and its surroundings, including marine animals that inhabit the deepest and most distant Brazilian waters. In addition to presenting content about the current Brazilian fauna, the blog also aims to deepen general knowledge about who were and how lived many of the prehistoric animals that inhabited Brazil.

Nevertheless, we also want to mention our beloved domestic animals, their interactions and development with humans. After all, we always have in mind to teach about animal welfare and conservation, no matter the species. We love them all!

Idealized by Priscila and Augusto, a couple of designers who have always been accompanied by animal friendship - either at home, with the company of our cat Loki, or in the countryside, when we visit our relatives' farms.

Loki ❤️ (our beautiful Maine Coon) Loki ❤️ (our beautiful Maine Coon)

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Somos um blog que apresenta fatos e informações de qualidade sobre nossos amigos do mundo animal.